So here's the latest...
It was built to match the existing furniture in the room, you can see the smaller piece in the background, though details are obviously'll just have to trust me.
Mahogany - Rattan
The TV is surrounded by brown grill screens that hides the components (above), the TV speakers (left & right), and the TV controls (bottom), while allowing the infrared to pass through.

You can find more (detailed) pics of this piece and others on our site:
Okanagan Woodworking Group

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Another piece

Here's another one recently completed for a friend's wedding ceremony...they'll be pouring coloured sand in through a special cutaway and sealing the top, then it goes up on the mantle.
Oiled Black Walnut & Maple
The panes of 3mm glass lie just to the outside of the maple strip running through the middle.

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Who knew?

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Recruitment drive...

Seems playing out on Bernard is good advertising. While I still haven't heard back from the last guy to approach me about playing (not such a bad thing), I got pulled aside during our break by a trio who were out scouting Monica, our keys/singer. Seems their bassman is regularly out of town for extended stretches and they need a fill in while he's away (he's apparently toured with James Brown at some point) as not to lose momentum. They've got some pretty high profile shows coming up, and quite the Collapse )
to get into my head come -- September!!?! Luckily I've played a few of these tunes before, and had lots of practice with the blues, thanks to dacro and Dusty Shoes

The show itself was alright, we drew a larger crowd, but more than once we were really fighting each other through the songs, I'm not too positive who it was, but I have a feeling our second gtr is going to be on his way out shortly...
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(no subject)

So this is the first real project I completed when I got started in this racket...this is of course prefinished, and sans hardware, just getting ready to go into the booth, as I get the pics happening, I'll be posting more.
Birch Halway Table
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Who's that? It's Pat!

(Pat Robertson talking out his ass) with emphasis mine.
"We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability. We don't need another $200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator. It's a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with."

Chavez was elected democratically, by a majority, which is far more than the regime living to my immediate south can say with a straight face.
Note to Patty: Strong arm dictators are installed by the US, not "taken out"(despite it's myriad meanings) by the US.
Allende / Pinochet
Mossadeq / Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi

Funny, ain't it, how the leftysocialnationalists get 'taken out'

And I'm not even going near the $200b war to take out another strong arm dictator comment, when it's thanks to the bushies that Sadamy lasted as long as he did.

Once again, speechless in the face of rampant stupidity...
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bad language ahead...

What a complete shitstain... It's important for GWB to get on with his life
I'm not sure what else to say, just when I thought he could go no lower...down he goes. The man has become so flagrantly out of touch with reality it's a wonder he doesn't show up to work in a fairy costume. If the war in Iraq is such a fucking noble cause, why the hell didn't he send his daughters over there?

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Two down....

Played out on a patio on Bernard St last night (that'd be the busy downtown st in Kelowna). Went fairly well, all passing harleys and late night revellers considered. Trying to fill three hours with only 2 hours worth of material led to some interesting (for us anyhow) musical tangents. Most of the audience seemed to enjoy themselves, and if they weren't, well then they just kept walking.
I also got recruited for another band. I guess the guys that followed us up at Mardi Gras last weekend liked what they heard, and came down to ask me how busy I was - musically speaking. So we'll see how that goes. I suppose I should appreciate the attention from the older musician set, their tastes are usually more discerning.
But damn if I wouldn't just love to find a group of people into playing stuff like Jamiroquai x Stevie Wonder x Wide Mouth Mason x Dave Matthews Band.
Hows that for an equation?
I guess I don't ask for much then , do I?

Back to the same place in two weeks time (and we need new material) funfunfun
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It's always something...

Last night kind of reminded me of playing with Dusty Shoes, the Laughing Moon hasn't seen too many 'rock'ish bands in it's time, I think. It's more suited to a singer/songwriter thing, one artist and their acoustic. So there was that and then there was the setup
We had an hour to setup full PA with monitors for six players... So we finally got started 45 minutes late, and for whatever reason, the monitors would not work.
Poor Jim was just about pulling his hair out, he kinda reminded me of Han Solo, he had that desperation in his demeanor "I was so careful" "It was all mapped out" "They said they fixed it" "It's not my fault!" Ok, so those last two were movie lines, but you get the idea.
All things considered though, the show itself went pretty well, the owner (a huge Deadhead) let us play way over time because he was enjoying it that much, and from talking to the rest of the group, everyone was pretty happy with the way they played.

So now we have to stretch it out to three hours tonight.

Should be fun.
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